Yolodice Review: Step by Step Walk Through on How to Get Started

YOLOdice is a game of chance built around crypto-currencies. Players play against a (pseudo) random number generator by placing bets. Think lottery. A result of a bet is either a loss (player loses the coins) or a win (player gets more coins than the initial cost of a bet). There is also an option for Investors who provide funds (bankroll) for the game, and get long-term return on their investment. Sign-Up

Main highlights of YOLOdice are:

  • It’s fast — players place bets and get responses within milliseconds.
  • 1% house edge — which is low enough for players, high enough for investors’ profit.
  • It’s provably fair — game outcomes can be independently verified.
  • It’s secure — 2FA, cold wallets, server-side security.
  • One can either play or invest in bankroll — test your luck immediately or invest long-term.
  • You can invest with leverage — manage investment risk — find balance between risk and expected profits.
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies for now there’s Bitcoin and Litecoin, we are working on adding more coins.


How to Play On Yolodice

1.    Set amount of your bet. It’s the amount of coins you put at stake for an individual bet. A bet is like a lottery ticket — “amount” is it’s price.

2.    Choose multiplier or chance. These are connected. The higher the multiplier, the lower the chance of winning. If you win your win will equal to multiplier × amount.

3.    Hit Roll LO or Roll HI buttons. The game will roll a number between 0 and 999,999. If the rolled number fits into the range you choose, you win and your balance will increase.

Claiming of Faucet

New players can claim faucet 10 times in 24h period. If you have at least one deposit with at least 0.01 BTC you can claim 50 times per 24h.

The faucet amounts you can get depends on your level in yolodice, and usually range from 100 satoshis to 5000 satoshis. Every time you level-up the faucet amount increases.

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